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About Us

Papavasili Studio started as a small family business in 1992. Teuta and Gjergj Papavasili are the founders of Papavasili Studio. They have put dedication and professionalism to their work during years to provide an outstanding customer service and make their firm grow into one of the most professional architecture firms in Albania.

Currently, we are working on several collaborations with private foreign and local investors and are giving our best to provide high quality design to our clients, meeting all their objective and requirements within budget.

The consultation process with the client is very important to us. Our projects range from residential buildings, offices, villas to large scale designs.

Meet our team

Gjergj Papavasili

Gjergji is one of the most important architects and urban planners of Albania. On 11 February 2009, he received the title "Symbol of the City of Tirana" from the Municipality of Tirana.

Teuta Papavasili

For more than 20 years, Teuta has been the main architect for the tourist rehabilitation of mountain centers. She has designed a series of rehabilitation projects for the adaptation of local housing into guest houses for tourists and administrative buildings. One of them is the administrative center of Tamara.

Dritan Papavasili

Dritan is an architect and urban planner with a lot of experience in urban and architectural projects in Albania and outside country.

Rudina Papavasili

Rudina is an architect with a wide experience in the field of architecture, interiors and mainly in cultural heritage.

Blerta Dyrmishi

Blerta is a structural engineer with a lot of experience in construction and supervision of large-scale public work construction projects, such as roads, bridges and other facilities.